Q:  How does Live Stream WEBcast technology work?
A.  A typical setup includes a PC, streaming software, capture device and a camera.
An internet connection of at least 1 mbps is also required.

Q.  How does a Video On-Demand VODcast work?
A.  A live stream WEBcast is recorded and setup to play back as a Video On-Demand.
Also, a previously recorded video can be uploaded as a Video On-Demand.

Q.  Do you offer a free trial?
A.  Yes.  We offer our WEBcast and VODcast streaming service free for 30 days.
No charge card is required to start the 30 day free trial.

Q.  Does your Live Stream WEBcasts include 3rd party advertisements?
A.  No.  Our Broadcasts are white label with no 3rd party advertisements.  Ever.

Q.  Can I upload a previously recorded video event as a Video On-Demand?
A.  Yes.  Any video can be uploaded to WTW servers as a video on-demand.

Q: Can I watch a Live WEBcast or On-Demand VODcast from my iphone?
A: Yes. Live and On-Demand Webcasts can be viewed from a Windows or Mac pc, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Q:  Must software be downloaded to view WEBcasts and VODcasts?
A:  No.  All Live Stream and On-Demand broadcasts are viewed directly in a Mac or PC browser, including Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Q: Can I watch a Broadcast full screen?
A: Yes, press the full screen icon at the bottom right of the player

Q: When viewing the Broadcast full screen, is there a loss of quality?
A: Yes. It is recommended to view the Broadcast in the default size

Q: What is the minimum bandwidth to view A Broadcast?
A: 1MBs is preferred. Go to http://speakeasy.net/speedtest to test your download speed.

Q: The quality of the Broadcast is not as good as watching a DVD. Is this normal?
A: Yes, the broadcast is being streamed via the internet and the video file has been converted to a smaller file size. The quality is not comparable to watching a DVD.

Q: Can I watch the Broadcast on a dial up connection?
A: No. The recommended bandwidth is dsl or cable modem.

Q: If I close the live Broadcast page, can I return at a later time and continue watching?
A: Yes, there is no limit to the number of times you log in to watch the webcast.

Q.  Can I set up a Pay Per View Live WEBcast event, such as a concert?
A.  Yes.  All that is required to charge for ticket sales is a Pay Pal account.

Q.  How do we get the WEBcast and VODcast player into our website
A.  There are two options.  We provide you the code to directly embed the player into your website
or you can link to a customized webpage provided by WTW.

Q.  Do you provide Technical Support?
A.  Yes.  Email support is free and is responded to no later than a day.
Phone and On-Site support is available at our hourly rate.

Q.  Do I sign a Contract?
A.  No.  WTW services are month to month.  However, a Customer must agree to the
Terms and Conditions prior to sign up.