Webcasting To The World Announces New Technology:  “One-Touch Streaming”

Live and On-Demand WEBcast streaming trendsetter “Webcasting To The World” has introduced the latest streaming technology to their portfolio – One-Touch Wireless Streaming.  The computer with expensive streaming software has been removed from the equation.  A small footprint stand-alone HD Camera with built in Wi-Fi can now Live Stream a church service directly to  a webpage by pressing an icon on the camera screen.  Simply place the camera / tripod at the desired location, plug the mic in from the mixer board for audio, press the Wi-Fi button and Go Live in less than a minute.  No Computer.  No Wires.  No Bulky Camera.  No Hassle.    The “One-Touch” Wi-Fi camera has a small footprint and can be placed discretely at any location. The HD camera records 1920 x 1080 to an internal SD card hard drive.  The standard mic-in from the mixer board can be used for great audio. The camera can also be used in conjuction with the conventional pc / software / capture card system, giving a Church the “best of both worlds” option.


‘Webcasting To The World upgrades streaming software’

For churches who demand a more robust Live Stream Webcast, WTW is now offering a professional streaming software for Windows and MAC based systems.  Now, Live Stream intro and exit videos, powerpoint, pictures, movies, music, add lower third graphics and add layers with titles.  Share your screen to the Webcast.